Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

142 graciow f iris, little fleck : there arc twodicni n fives in the originali, the word tranflated , tun'a"0- flock, fïgnifes a little flock ; but that the exceeding littlenefh of it mïght ap.. pear,C.hrifl aides another word ; fo the wordsare, Fear not little flock. And S. lobo' Epiff. 5. v. 19. faith ,thewhole world lies in wickedneffe, but weknow that weareofGod_ What a 1ìngu!arity was this inSt. ffobn f howdo: h he diffe- rence a few odde contemptible people from thewhol word ? Weare ofGod, and yec the whol world lies inwi..ktfd- neffe, and the world furely is not grown better fince. But that you may fee, that the way of the godly is not from fingulariry, or hum ur, take there Evidences , and judge according ascon. fcience fhall tell you is truth. Firff , Wherehumour andconceited Efngulariry pievailes with men , there is no cavenneífe , no conffancy in their wayes , no proportion of one thing withanother in their .courfe; they are fngular and humerous in fome odde foolilh things,but inother things where . they have asmuch reafon to befingular, theydo as others do; But in Godspeo' 1 pre