Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

to the Re :der. of Egypt, a greater patrimony, faith Ambrafe. So bale are many Spirits in this Age , that they had rather cenfure then trace his pra- nice. Scaliger tells olaTree, to which when a mancommeth , Ramos conflringit, but when he departs, Ramospandit. Toomany are like this tree; when any Miniflers or Chrillians, that have the reproach of Chrift upon them, come near them, and have to deale with them; let relations, promífes, ingagements, be what they will, they fhrink up themfelves, &ire troubled, fadded, and perplexed , thinking it difgraceunto them to have to, doe with finch ; but when they are gone, then their hearts di- late ,again , and their faces grow pleafant fuch an adulterous generation there is, that are afhamed of Chrift inany of his poore,reprea- ched, defpifed members; andnor onely afha- med, but like that plant called the Tartarean Lamb , which in fhape and proportion an- fwers the Lamb , but grazeth and eateth up the graf a round about it, fuffering no green ching to be neare : And thefe men are Lambs in fhape, but eating up every green thing that is neare unto them,P/al. t 4.4. They eat up my people a, bread; they are the food their malice feeds upon. It is obferved , the Pope was fo bu(ieand hot againfl Luther , that he neglected to look to all Chrifiendome againfl the Turk, ; fuch a bafe- Exepcit.I 8r Z7,-g.