Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

7he Epi/llc bxfenefl2 was in a Popes breaf l , that he could eafìer have digeíledcAl humati,pine, then Lu- tkeraxOne; andmay wenot thinke chat the . /'coran would be Welcome to thofeConfef fór , who have enjoyned their burdened in confcience to burne their bibles for penance ; this, fume livingknow tobe a truth. There is much bafenefle in the fpirits ofmen , and upon little occaiion it vents it felfe. Doeo had a malicious murderous tpirit in hire , and (pa- red not thofe that ware the Lianen Ephod. The rich "Ilan, Lake 12.19. was- all for earth, and no.hing for heaven. great man finding his fickneffe increatng, cauìed his bed to be made between, or uponhis Coffers, where he had muchgold ; a Lord came to him, and waxed him togo to'his chamber, andnot lie therch:is arifwer was, I amwell Where I am, fo long as I Can tarry for ( am ncare unto my friends, meaning his Coffers and his Gold, What d roilie corporali foules have fuch metI ? The Gadarens droveChriit out of their Countrey ; they e[Ieerned their Swine above a Saviour : Demu embraceth the prefent world, Àn.nias and Snrpphira referveaportion for them felves: inch fpirits ever have been, and will be in the world. Spirits they are as much beneath com- mon rearm), as thofe mentioned in this worke areabove it. It is chwyce, not common fpi- ri ts, that will honour God in fformy times. I-fad not a choyce andexcellent fpirit been in