Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

to the Reader, in Nehemiah, the plots and praaifes of the Neh.6. enemies wouldhave dauntedhim ; but takea viewof his fpirit ; S... ouldfuch a man as I am Verf.i,.i, fee ? Andwho is there, that being as d am, wouldgoe into the Temple toPave his life ? I will not groein. He had a good caufe , a good confcience, a good God , which'edvanceei hi!, Spirit to such refolvedneffe, that he would not take San6tuary, and difparage either of there by his feare or faint-heartednes ; wh -n he, . law the Sabbath prophaned , bee Li i curt h"t eyes frornit, but contended wits the Nobie about it. What Divine Spirits were in the three Children ? Could 11TebuchaJrsnztars ,treat Dan3. 18. nes, mandates, threats of ofthe fiery Fornace, force their fpirits to falfe worfhip ? Bee i known unto thee, O King, that we will not ferve thy gods. Here they did obediently difobey , * knowing that nothing pleafes AsGroaff- ' God , but what hee hath commanded in his yal Bi hop of Linable Word they would not deliberate in this once awfwe- cafe , We are not carefu/l to anfiver thee; fay red the they. Pope. When any enticements come to draw us from the worfhipof God, we fhould f}opour cares, charm the Charmers never fo wifely. Charles the Binperour,, and two great per- foes in this Kingdome, foliciting King Ed- ward the fixth, to allow his filter the Lady (Mary to haveMaffe, would not laen , but bade them be content , for hee would fpend a 2 his