Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

See on. d his life,and all that he had, rather then agree, and grant to that he knew certainly to bee a- p'553. gaina the truth; the fuit being yet preffed, burn out into bitter weeping, , and fobbing, defiring them to defì[LL The motioners feeing his zeale,and conflancy, wept as faa as he,and told one , that hee had more Divinity in his little Finger, then they had in all their Bo- dies. What a choyce Spirit was in that young LordHairrington, who was a manof prayer t áhe prayed twice a day in :fecret ; twice with his fervants in his chamber, and joyned at ap- pointed times with the family in prayer : Hee would never be idle, but alwayes well, if not religioufly imployed ; he meditated on foure or five Sermons every day, retaining five or fix in his memoryalwayes; hee kept anexaél ac- count of his life every day, very confcientious ofhonouringGod to purpofe, in publick and private ; on the Lords day hee would repeat both the Sermons with his fervants before Supper, and write themdowne inhis Night- book beforehe flept , and on the morning of that day, he would as he made him ready, re- peat thofe Serm.ols bee had heard the Lords See Stock in day before. And for the Sacrament, he recei- his Funeral ved it very frequently, and alwayes filed the ermón. Saturday before, fpoiding the whole day in examination er pro and ay , humbling himfelfe, that fo hemight be fitted to fealt withChrift he gave away the tenth part ofhis eltate unto the