Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

1 that he wasa poore, weak, childith- fpi- cited man ; yea, he cals him a childe, thowh e was above forty years oki, 2 Chr fin 13,7. He iv,a young., the word i5a childe,and tender-hearted, hat is, of a poore, fofi , effeminate fpirit . True gener6ufneff: andcruelty areexceeding opp4i--,oned:ftroys the other. When Ddvds ipirit was diftempered, whenhe had loft muchofhis gencroufneffe by that fin of uncleannelle as appears in the51. Pfighne, where he praycs to God for I:, freefpirit , which word fignifies, a royal! Pc incel y fpirit , as you heardbe- fore , much of the royall Princelineffe ofhis fpirit was loft by that fin;and Da. vidwas never fo rigid , as he was at this time,whichappears out of the 2 Sam 12. 30,31. where hecommanded the peo- ple whom he had overcome , to bee brought forth , and put them under fawes , and under harrows ofiron, and made thempaffe thorow the Brick kiln, and thus did heuntoall the Cities of the ; childrenof Amwn. This was exceed- ingharfh and rigid, we never read of him, that ever lice dealt thus with any before.Now this is obfervab!c,that this aCt` ? A gracious fiirit, .....,114,