Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

a choice and apreciousfpirit . 4 a t ofhis ., wasat that time, wherein he layin his fin: for loab had bdeged that Ci -.y before Davidfaw BathJheba, and it was at that liege , that Yriah was (lain And although this faó be Hated after ,Nathans córning tohim, & after Solomon birth, it is probable it was before, even while he lay in Ills fin, fear t>vo reafons; r. Becaufe it is not prob. - ble.that the fegecontinued ; not onely till .hechild corrceivecl,inadultery was born but af- ter the birth of Sot'omon too , as it here (lands in the Rory. 2 Neither is it like, that David new- ly receiving loch mercy from God , as hedid in thepardonofhis fin, and when hisheart w s fo broken asit was,that he fhould thenPhew filch rigid feverity,on- ly for the ab»f: ofhis Mefiengers. The reafon why this is f: t after , is becaufe in the timeof the liege David commit- ted the adultery ; and fo thewh+l Ro- ry concerning David and BathJh :ba is hrft related and thenhe comes to the Rory of the war again. 4 A generous fpirit is ffudious, and diligentto returngood,as wellas dcfi- rotas to receivegood, as David,Pfal.I z 6 I 1z. 43