Burroughes - Houston-Packer Collection BS1265.6.C43 B8 1649

46 Agrades: pirit. f rit, ferious but not fullen , not heavy, dull; folid but not flupid, i Pet. 2. S. Thegodlyare calledlively fiones ; ftones, becaufeof their folidrelfe ; lively., be.. calife oftheir a1ivenefle : God is him - felfea pure aâ, and thefe fpirits have force likeneffe to him , and nearsneffe with him ; the higher things are, the .moreattive; water more then earth , aire more then water,fire more then all; thefe fpirits are railed to thehigh: f}ex- cellencies ofany creature in this world. They are ofquick undemanding, as Efay i r. 3. And ready prepared to every good work, as 2 Tim. 2. 21. Thealoft nob re, excellent aEtivenes is from life, and the more noble and excellent thelife, the more noble and excellent a5iveneff: as fente more then the plans, and the rational' life more then the finie, arid grace more then that, and glory more thenall ; the more fpii'ituall,the morea6tive; themorepower theform bathover the matter , the more wive the thing is ; and the more the form is funk, as it were into the matter , there the leffcaâveneffe, as in theearth` and all heavy bodies; now where life is, there the form hath molt power, and the