Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gofpel-Converfittion. 95 feffors of it fhould deny themfelves ? It is very unbefeeming the glorous Gofpel, for a Chriftian to be felvifh, to have his felf- ends, and felf-waies, and interefis in every thing, as generally almoft all men in the world they are atied byjelf, fome felf-ends-, or felf-excellency carries them on in their a}ions, or elfe they have no heart to do any thing ; this is unbecoming the Gofpel. But now I fay, one that would live as becomes the Gofpel,mu ff be whollyemptied of himfelf, whatfoever parts, elate, credit, or honor he hath in the world, muff be melted into the glory of God ; Jefus Chrift for the gloryof His Father, was content in- finitly to deny Himfelf more than we can; For what have We to deny our felves of ? Do you or I live as becomes theGofpel when (I fay) all that we apprehend to have any excellency in, we have it all (wallowed up in the gloryofGod, whenwe can dedicate and confecrate our lives, honor, liberties, eftates,com- forts, and all to the glory of God, andbe as nothing to our felves, and let God be all in all to us. Minifters may bring many reafons why we fhould deny our felves, but all thefe rea- fons comes to nothing, till the foul comes to behold the deer light of the Gofpel, and there beholds the Son of God by faith howhe did empty Himfelf; nay then, faith a beleeving foul, if the Son ofGoddid deny Himfelf, wasemptied thus for me, Oh then let me be wholly taken off from my felf, and venture whollyupon God, I muff not live in my felt, nor live for my felf, nor live tomy felf ; but wholly live in God, and for God, and to God, and upon God : Oh this is that which becomes. the Gofpel of Jefus. Chriff.. --;.r..-......:...O::...,..................:.:, _ SER1I ON