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THE CONTENTS. Page 8 God fetchethglory from hence ibid 4 7oharden their heart 309 2 To chalien his own people ibid 9 Becauf he would have no argument of love or hatred drawn fromoutward things ibid 2 Here is all they are like to have 310 I Becarefe their names arenot in the beokof life ibid 2 T hey are vile in the eyes of ibid 3 Becaufe they chufe it them (elves 311 4 They arefinable to them 313' 5 They abufe the portion they have 314 6 They have no interef? in 7e- l fusChriji ibid 7 They are nofins 31 6 8 The manifetation ofGods patience is ended ibid 9 They mull have imediately to deal with God 317 3 Corrollaries flowing from hence 1. This is the reafon why I worldly men are focunning in things ofthis world 318 2 This is the reafen why fo many great ones regard Re- ligionfo little 319 3 This is the reafon oftheflir that is in the worldto main. Page fain this their Portion 32g What kind ofPortion this is that the menof theworld have I What poor things they are 329 x They are but imaginary ibid 2 Ofa low nature 330 3 But apoorpittance 331 4 It will vanifh 332 5 It will(landwith theha- tredofGod 333 2 The tenure by which thou hold* them 335 Opened in 4. things. ibid 3 There is a great deal ofmix- ture in whatyou have 336 1 Oftrouble ibid 2 Of curfe ibid 4 TPhat Portion thou lofeft by it 337 I It is fit for the Spoufe of Chrii ibid 2 Sutable to an Heir of Heaven ibid 3 It is the height of hap. pinefl 338 4 it is Gods great defign in making Heaven andEarth ibid 5 It requires the infinite power ofGod tofspport a creature in it ibid 6 It remains toeternity ib 5 What is like to be thy end ib i Perplexity offirit when deatb