Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

THE CONTENTS. Page 1 deathcomes 339 2 Iou'lbe called to account for all 340 3 A dreadful Portion at the day ofJudgment ib. 5 Who the man is that hath his Portion in this world i God gives birn nothing but what belongs to this life. 341 2 By the workingofyour hearts about yourportion 342 i Whether your hearts ter minate in wbatyou enjoy ibid 2 Whether they go out in fullflrengtbto them 343 3 How the kJ; of them take thy heart ibid 4 Whether they only befuta. ble to thy heart 344 5 What thou accountefi thy cheefefi good ibid 6 What you firive to make mofifore 348 7 What thou moll admireft men for ibid 8 What thou art careful to lay upfor thy children ib. 9 Examine thy fervices in 3 Particular! I Are theyflight ? 2 Hypocritical ? 347 I 3 Forced ? Io Doefi thou drawback in } Religion ? ibid ii PathGod for theprefnt curfe thyportion ? ibid Page 12 Doth God convince thee ofwhatflops the current of his mercy ibid 13. He .ends hio dales without fear ofbeingput ofwith the things ofthis world 348 6 Exhortation 17o thofe that have evidences ofa better portion 349 1 BlefsGodfor it 349 2 Becontent with it ibid 3 Envy not wicked men ib. 4 Mindhigher andbetter things 350 2 7o all to put onfor another Portion 35' Motive 7'e are capable ofit 352 2 Ye are in afair way ofit ib Means God ir'd with the fear of 353 2 Take off your hearts from outward comforts ibid 3 Set the glory of Heaven and Eternity beforeyour cye, 354 4 Honor. God withyourfub - fancehere ibid 5 Let your f rvices be choice fervices 356 6 Be willing to car away what you have finfuliy got ibid 7 Be willing to joyn with thofe that Mir (or Goal 358 Concitifion ibid: Reader,,