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zio Goffiel-Converfatiox. ofChrift as in that fcripture, 2 CO". 8. 23. it is laid ofTitrys and other fellow - helpers, That they werethe kleLT ngers of the Chur- ches, and the glory of Chrifl: On ! this all profefï'ors of Religion fhould endeavor to be thegloryof7efu4 Chrift ; that wherefoever they live, all might fee the glory ofJefus Chrift held forth there; whither foever you go, you may carry the gloryof Jefus Chrift about you. Oh Chriftians ! I appeal to your confcience, Do you live fo, as the glory ofChrift Ihines in you in the courfe of your lives As the thine of the candle goes through the Lan- thorn, fo the thineand gloryof Jefus Chrift thould go through Chriftians in their converfations to dazle the eyes of the world; Oh ! do not darken the glory of Chrift, but make it as bright as poffibly thou canif, that fo this purblind world may be able to fee fomewhat of the glory ofChrift in your converfations; this thould be the great care of your lives. `April i 2 i 646. *like..4k4IttilVtRxApiskatiltt SERMON VII. PHIL. I. 27. Only letyour Converfation be as becornei the Gófél ofChrift. stv + ?440 E have preached (you know) many Sermons upon W this ; neceffary and feafonable Duty ; That as Chrt- .* ftians are to fanEtifie the Name ofGod inWorfhip ; fo in their Converfations : their lives and Converfations muff be fuch as becomes the Gofpel ofChrift, [worthy] of theGofpel ofChrift, (for fo I told you the word fingnified.) Nowwe are upon this great point. What Converfation is that Which becomes the Goffeel of Chrif . I'leonly add one Scripture more to the laft thing I named, and then proceed. That