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Gofj'et-Convertttion. i 21 all the dead bodies fhould ftand up and live , what a mighty change would there be ? Such a change doth the gofpel make when it conquers a people ; indeed the gofpel may be preached and little change may be wrought, becaufe the power of the gofpel prevails not with their hearts ; but-when it doth prevail in their hearts, there is fuch a orange change. Oh then, What Converfation becomes this ? it mutt be a Converfation that doth hold forth to the world that there is fuch a mighty change wrought in you : Now I appeal to yod, you that make profeffion of the gofpel, you know what you have been heretofore, worldly, and bate, and carnal, and fenfual, and froward, and peevifh, and prophane men, altoge- ther unfavory before the gofpel came to you ; now you pro- fefs that God bath begun to work upon you by the gofpel, What change bath it wrought in you ? Can thole that live with you, fee your Converfations fo changed as to make them (land and admire at the Work of the gofpel upon your hearts ? the husband to fluid and admire at the work of God upon the heart ofthe wife as if file were another woman, and fo the wife to admire at the graceof God upon the heart of the husband, as ifhe were another man and fo your children and fervants . not the fame that heretofore they were ? Oh what honour would this be to the gofpel, that in places where it comes to be preached in power there might appear a change, that becomes the gofpel of Chrifl ? Certainly ifyour Converfations be not fuch as holds forth a mighty change that God bath wrought inyou, then it is not fuch as becomes the gofpel of Chrifl'r It may be you are fomewhat better than heretoforeyou have been, as not to be a common drunkard, you fee that's defpifed by men ; Who regards drunken fools,mad- men,very beafls ? Tlter- fore you come to be ofmore underflanding, that you will not be fo prophane and lafcivious as you were wont to be, but live fomewhat better. Oh but this change is not that change whiclk boldsforth the Work, ofthe Gofpel, for when the gofpel prevails, it makes the greatefl change that ever was made in the world, we may boldly afcert this, that fince the Creation of God in the firíl ix daies, there was never fuch a change made in the world as the gofpel makes ; and therefore a Converfation becop ing S the