Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Gael-Converfarion. 127 I appeal to your confciences, Do not your confciences in hea- ring thefe things condemn you ? If this be a Converfaticn be- coming the Gofpel, O Lord,how far arewe front honoring the Gofpel in our lives ? for how do many of your Converfätions difgrace the Gofpel of Jefus Chrift ? you put , Jefus Chrift even to open fhame byyour Converfations ; and filch as you are, are blots to profeílìon, and Rains toReligion, and the truth is, it had beenbetter you had never beenborn,if God cloth not work upon your hearts in fome meafure before you die,to recover the honor that you have taken away from the glorious Gofpe!. Gal. z. compare the i 1. verfe and the I4. together, and in the II. verfe, you {hall find Paul when he did but fee Peter to walk not as he ought to do, ;faith he) IH'ithflood Peter to hid face ; What's the matter ? You {hall fee the caufe in the 14. verfe, (for faith he) He did not 73'aIk. jrprightly according to the truth of the Go f fir l: In that one particular (it feems) Peter was blame-worthy, O how was Paulc fpirit flir'd .' I refilled him to his face faith he Though Peter was a glorious Apofile, yet becaufe in that thing he did not walk according to the truth of the Gofpel, Paulretitled him to his face. And are there any that make profeffion ? and do you fee that they walk not according to the truth of the Gape!? Refill them to their faces, though they be never 'fo eminent, ei- ther in Churchor Common-wealth, to be head and fhoulders aboveothers, yet thefeare to be refilled to their face. Oh the Gofpe! was precious to the heart of Paul,and therefore he could notbear, no not a Peter, not to walk according to the truth of the Gofpel. Oh howmany ! howmany are there among you that do not walk according to the truth of the Gofpel ? Now the Lord caufe your confciences this day to refill you to your faces, and to fpeak in fecret toyou, and to convince you of the dread- ful evil that you are guiltyof : Is furh a Converfation as you walk in fuc.h as becomes the Gofpel ? I remember I have read adory, you fhal find it in Richard the fir{}, whenhe prevailed its war, and took a Bifhp, the Bithop of Bevoice, the Pope was angry, and fends and expoflulates with him, that he would pre- fume to meddle with one of his Sons, and imprifon him. The King fent this anfwer again to the Pope; He takes the Habergion and other warlike Inftruments that the Bithop had, and fends then