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. ... 28 Goffrel-Converfation. them to the Pope,with thefe words ; See, Is this thySons Coat ? is itfitfar him to wear fuch things as thefe ? So I may fay concer- ningmany Profeffors, look upon their Converfations, and what is this the Coat ? this the Converfation of the Son of God ? As that Richard the firft, thought it fuch an unbefeeming thing for a Sifhop to have warlike Inffruments about him, and to be taken clad in Armor. Oh 'tis an unbefeeming thing for fuch as profefs the Gofpel ofChrift,to have inftruments ofdeath about them,to have wicked Converfations, to live in wicked andungodlywaies, Oh ! 'tis not Chrifts Livery, not the Coat of one that profeffes godlinefs ? Certainly there mutt be another manner of Conver- fation than this. EXHORTATION. And therefore to clofe all in a word or two of Exhortation. Oh that God would move our hearts now by what we have heard, to labor to honor the glorious Gofpel that we do pro- fefs,O that that worthy Name (in lam 2. 7.) may not be blaf- phemedbywicked men, oh let not that worthy Name ofGod and Chris (whichyou profefs) be blajphemedforyourfakes, but Wal kwor- thy ofthat worthy Name ofthe Lord, and ofhis Chrift, and ofhis Go. fpel. . My brethren, know that when you undertake the profef- lion ofthe Gofpel, you undertake a great matter; donot corne tb the profefiìonof the Gofpel, and lookupon it as if it were a flight matter ; 'tis a great matter the profeffïon of the Gofpel : T r'i ram. z. r o. it is a good Scripture for women, he fpeaks of women, That theyJ7ouldwallas thefe that do profefsgodlinefs,fuch fhould preach the Contents of the Gofpel in an Evangelical be- havior before others, they thould therefore bring forth fruits worthy of repentance, or meet for repentance : Hath the Lord wrought upon your hearts, tochange your minds, and turn your hearts to him ? O then bring forth fruits worthy of repentance; that is, your Converfations muff be worthy of the Gofpel, and that is fruit worthyof repentance : and in Aas, 26. 2o. Works meet for repentance. Oh you fay, you have repented you ofyour fins : the word that is tranflated there repentance ; it is, change of mind: Oh bathGod changed your mind ? Then let there be works worthy of this change ofmind. Arid