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Gof jìel-Converfation. 129 Anddivers motives there fhould have been named for the flir- ting up ofyour hearts to walk worthy of the Gofpel : O con- fider whát's this gofpel you profefs, the Scripture calls it as here the gofpel of Chrift So theGolpel ofthegrace ofG'od, 4ä.2o.24.. It's a gofpel by whichyou are begotten, i Cor. 4.15 Thirdly, It's the gofpel ofyour falvation, .Ephef.i , 13. And fourthly, It's an everlafting gofpel, Revel. 14. á. And then as you had it before, a glorious gofpel. Oh walk worthy of this gofpel that you have got fo much good by. I appeal toyou, any that have had the gofpel wor- king upon your hearts, Have not you got fo much good by the gofpel that you would not part withal for ten thoufand worlds ? Oh then walk worthy of that gofpel, feeing you have got fo much good by it. And Ibefeech you confider that Mo- tive in the Text, Only let jour Converfation be as it becomes the Gofpel ofChrift. [Only] as ifthe Apoffle fhould fay, the gofpel bath many things that darkens it, and many adverfaries that do oppofe it, Ole but, Only let your Converfation be as it becomes the Gofpel ; you need care for nothing that oppofeth,fo you walk worthy ofthe gofpel, only let your Converfation be as becomes the gofpel. Now what a many enemies hath the gofpel at this day ? and what errors and divifions are there to ecclipfe this Evangelical Sun ? Why now, [Only let your Converfation beas it becomes thegofpel : ] That is, in thefe times wherein there is fomuch done againft the gofpel; as if the Apofflefhould fay, Let all Devils and wicked men do what they can, they (hall never prevail againff the gofpel, if your Converfations be as be- comes the gofpel this is enough to ffand out againfl all that is done againff the gofpel : Ohme thinks this argument fhould be a prevailing argument. Oh 1 do not your hearts bleed when you hear what oppofition is made againff the glorious gofpel of Chrift that fhould be ten thoufand thoufand times dearer than your lives ? here's the way that thegofpel fhould ftand a- gainft Hell, and the gates of Hell, all counfels of the enemy (hall not prevail againff the gofpel, if your Converfations be as becomes the gofper_Thifrwill do it. And mark what Paul faith, he looks upyrn it as-a thing dearer than bis life, to walk fo as might further the gofpel, I Cor. 9 Iz. wefufer all things T (faith