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41.....11114. MY, 130 Gof jel-Converfation. (faith he) left we íhouldhinder the Gofpel ofChrift : Mark,(as ifhe íhould fay) Oh 'tis more dear than our lives a thoufand times, we will do any thing,and fuffer any thing ; Oh theApo_ files fpirit was filled with the fweetnefs of the Gofpel, he had found the goodof it. And here in this Scripture he faith, Oh what Thal I do ? what that I Puffer that I may not hinder the Go- fpel ? Let them do any thing that poflibly can be to tie, or take what they will fromme, I carve not, we Puffer all things that the Gofpel may not be hindred. Now youwill neither do nor fuffer for the Gofpel, you will not part with a bale lull that the Gofpel maynot be hindred; one Profeffor beingover taken with an apparent finmay do more hurt to the Gofpel than he can do good all his life,let him live as long as Methufelah ; that fin ofyours that is fo dezr toyou, Will not you part with it ? it will hinder the Gofpel, Oh wilt not thou part withday fin, when any temptation comes to fin ? Let every one of you that profefs you love the Gofpel, but think thus, Oh but íhall I not hinder the Gofpel if I liften and yeild to this temptation ? indeed this will bring me a great deal of comfort and content, and I Than get fo much by it; Oh but will it not obflrua the gofpel ? The very thought ofthis, that it poffibly may hinder the gafpe!, fhould caufe your hearts to rife with in- dignation againfl that temptation, and call out that fin; God forbid that I fliould meddle with that fin, which will hinder the Gofpel. And therefore in AFt. 20.24. the Apofile profeffes, that his life is not dear to him, fo be it he might but further the gofpel : And in I Coï.9.from verf.i2. to 23. he profeffes there, he would become all things to all men, he would be a fervant to any man,and yeild to all things that he could, fo be it he might not fin againfl God,to be never fo vile in the eyes ofmen,and all that he might but further the gofpel. O that it werebut fo in our hearts.We reade ofan excellent commendation ofone,in 2 Cor. 8.1 8. That his praife is in the gofpel in al the Churches. Oh this is an excellent thing, when it can be laid ofa profeffor ofReligi- on (it maybe this man bath no great commendation for parts, no but) hispraife is in the Gofpel. As the Saints of God and al the Churches ofGod that knew him, they highly commended him, Why ? Becaufe that the gofpel is furthered by him, his praife xM.Y--