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Goffiel-Gonverfation. j o For we wrefle not againf lefh andblood but a ainfl principalities 6- powers, againff the rulers of the darknefs ofthis world. Rulers of the darknes ofthis world are theunclean fpirits,fpiritual wicked- nefl'es ; the Devils are the Rulers ofthe darknefs of this world, this world it bath a darknefs in it, and therefore furely, the chief good things that God bath to beffow upon the Saints, they are things that are beyond this world. Fifthly, The worldknows not God, 7ohn, i î.:s. The world is that that Chrif faith, doth not know the Father; Oh righteous Fathcr,the world bathnot knowen thee. Take men that are the wifeft ofthe world, and have all the wifdom that this world can af- ford, it will not help them to the knowledg of the father, the world knowes not thofe excellent and glorious things that are of the Father. Sixthly, The worldit lies in Wickednefs, i roh;;, 5.19. (as forne- times i have opened that Scripture to you) Juff as you fee in a common fhore, a carrion, a dead dog that lies over head and ears in mire or mud in a common fhore, and in its own filthinefs fo the whole world lies in wickednefs the wíckednefs of the world is like the common Chore, in which there is nothing but filth and dirt;and the world as a dead canon lies in its ownpollu- tions; furely, then there are other things that God hath to communicate to his Saints than the things of this world ; and we fhould not be offended though the kingdom of Chrift be not of this world. Seventh ly, TheWorld it paffeth alvay With the lutes ofit, i 7ohn, 2. 17. it is a notable Scripture for that : Andthe world pa f'eth Way,and the lufis thereof ; but he that doth the will ofGod,abidethfor ever (fpeaking before of whatwas the glory of the world) and it paffeth away with the lutes thereof. Mark,Not only the things of the world paffeth away, but the very luft to thofe things paf- feth away : As now, men and women who have their healths, and live bravely for a while, Ohl how greedy are they for the contents ofthis world ? howdo they long and delire that they might have fuch a Merry meeting with fucb friends, and fach cheer, and Much comings in; they make provifion for the ftJh, to fulfil the lulls thereof. But now (mark) within a lettle while, not only there comforts (hall be taken from them, but thevery tuffs Z of