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Gof7el-Converfation. of them finall page away ; that is: they null have no mind in the world to them : Take a poor man that was wont to long for thefe things, when he lieth upon his rick bed, at the point of death, now he looks upon thefe things as thole things that are dry leaves, hehath no mind to them, not fo much as a Fanfie after thefe things, all the varnifh of the things of the world are gone in his eyes, he tans them no more than the white of an egg, yea, the delireof his heart is dead to them : as now, a man that tuned after drink, when his delire is fatisfied, the very delire after it is gon; and one that liv'd in gulttony, when his body is a little diflempered,the very lulls thereofpaffeth away : furely there are other things that God hath for his people than the things of this world. Eightly,rheremull be fomwhat elfe befides the things ofthis world for Chtifl Himfelf is not of this world, yohn, 8. 23. Are all the good things that the Father bath to communicate of this world, and not Ch rift Himfelfof this world ? Let me tell you, Chrifl is the greaten gift that ever was given,or poflibly could be recei- ved, and yet Chrin is not of this world ; therefore there is fom- what elfe befides the things of this world, that God bath for force of thechildrenof men, that He intends good unto. Ninthly, The Saints are Paid, not to be of this world, 7oh. 19. & 17. , 4. If they be not of this world, then their happinefs is not here, God bath other happinefs for them than that which is here. TenthlyThe Scripture mares it to be a fign ofa child of wrath that he wall`s according to the courfofthis world (in 2 7oh. z.) this is a enough to defcribe a child ofwrath. El,eventhly, It's madea fign of one that is an enemy to God ; and that's hatefull before God, that is a lover of this worldjam.4.4 And z, ?oh. 2.1 S. Fie that loves theworld,the love ofthe Father is not in him ; and thefriendfbip of the world is enmity toGod ( faith the Moly Ghon in thofe two Scriptures) if fo be that in the world there were the fpecial things that Godhath to communicate to the childrenofmen; certainly thenGod would have his peo- ple to.love the world, He would fay, Love thefe things for thefe are the fruits ofmy favor and love, thefe are part of the riches that Ihave to communicate to thofe that I intend good to ; and therefore