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...®.- Gofpel-Converfation. T63 therefore delight in thefe, expatiate your heart in thefe : Oh nol faith the holy Ghoft, whofoever loves the world is anenemy to God. And,if the love of the world be in you,the love of the Father is not in you : furely then here are not the things that God intends for thechildren ofmen. Twelfth ly,The world is that that(hall be condemned: i Cor. i 1.32. Thatye may not be condemnedwith the world, that notes that God intends to condemn this whol world, all thefe things are under the fentenceof death, and all the men of the world are condem- ned before God ; and therefore thefe are not the things" that men íhould fo much look after to make them happy. Thirteenthly, Take all the world together ; the Scripture (peaks by way offuppofition, That .t man may gain the who/world, andyet hisroil be loft for ever ; If one man could get all the world in to his poffeflion and thereby lofe his foul, it would be an ill bargain ; the world then bath no fuch excellency in it as that we fhould place our happinefs in it; God bath fomething elle for His people than thefe things that are at the belt under Moon- vatiities. Fourteenthly, IfChrifts Kingdom be not of this world, then cer- tainly thofe that are of the world are not of His Kingdom ; for thefe two cannot ftand together, thatCh rifts Kingdom fhould not be of this world, and yet that tho that are'of the world fhouldbe of his Kingdom, if fuch as are ofthe world are none ofhis king- dom, then certainly a worldly man or woman is not of the kingdom of Chrift, Chrift owns them not as under His king- dom, they are Vagabonds and Runnagates not under the pro- teetion of Jefus Chrift, not partakers of any priviledgof jefus Chri ft. Queft. You will fay to me,How fhould one knowwhen a man is a man of this world ? The Scripture makes a plain diftin i onof force that are ofthis world, and force not; the heft of all you will fay they have hearts worldly enough, and they define to have the comforts of this world as well as others ? well, though there are fame, yet we hadneed look toour felves, to ex- amine whether we be of the world yea or no, for them lies thus much upon it, that ifwe be of the world we are not of the king- domof Chrift; now Z would give you but thefe three notes of a manof the world. Z z .Anf