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GeBiel-Converfation. 283 that fervant that is come under the Kingdomof Chrifl were rather to be trufled, fo that youwould trufl him in a cafeof greattruil ; andyet your confciences tell you that you hate that fervant more than the other. Nowhere is the wickednefs of men, that they do hate the Kingdom of Chrifl though the Kingdom of Chrifl doth not intrench upon them. Oh let Chrifl alone with his Kingdom, and do not oppofe Him, He will not oppofe you in any thing that you can delire as a rational man. And for the outward Government : Chrifl would have no man to be compela to it, but thofe that are convinced that it is the heft way ; He gives no fuch rules to force any man ; if you think the Government is to flrickt for you, that you cannot live under it indeed there may be fome- thing ufed as a natural help, force outward means ufed to take men offfrom their wantonnefs andwilfulnes: but now if it appear that you defiring to know which is the belt way, and endeavoring to know, and after your delir es, and endeavors you cannot be convinced that this is the way that you fhouldwalk in, Chrifl gives no rules to com- pel you ; but ifyou belong to God, He is content to flay till the word and Spirit (hall convince you to come under His Government; Oh ! why shouldyou be againfl it then, when it forces you not to come into it ? Oh ! be not fuch an enemy to the Kingdom ofJefus Chrifl, but let thofe that beleeve another way is the way wherein they come molt under the Kingdom of Chrifl and enjoy moil communion with Chrifl, let them alone in that way, efpecially when they live peacable with you, and are every way ufeful as much as your hearts can delire in all civil things, living neighborly, lovingly, and faithfully withyou in all things; why fhould you malign them becaufe they know there is fame other waywherein theymay enjoy more fweet com- munion with Jefus Chrifl than your (elves do ? That is the feventh Ufe, which thews the wickednefs of the' world in oppofingthe kingdom ofChrifl, whenas it is not of this world, it is not that that doth intrench upon their world - '4y priviiedges. s. Uf:.