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=46 Gofj,elConve'rfation. but I am in danger to mifcarry eternally , every hour to undo .i;1y felf and poierity for ever. But now certainly this very thoeight, and the underf}anding of this , it could not Rand with that full freedom of fpirit that the Saints may have now under the Gofpel, the Saints under the Gofpel come in a way ,ofobedience toGod, and upon this ground they have their feet (as it were) upon lure ground : Well, as for my eternal eí}ate the hazard ofmifcarrying there, it is over, I bleffe God, that is over, for that now my obedience it is not that I might work out, and earn falvation ; but my obedience toGod now is (be- ing let fafe upon the fhore) that I might live to the praife of the graceofGod that hathdelivered me fromall danger of mif- carrying, and bath fet me withJens Chrii in heavenly places, I am now already fet in heavenly places withjefus Chrifl, and as fureofHeaven (for fo a Believer may come to be) as iffo be that I were there already, and fo I am now to begin the life of Heaven, tó be bleffing and magnifyingGod, not inword only, but inmy life, therefore am Ito hold forth the glory ofGod in my life and Converfation, that I might bleffe and magnifie the Name ofGod, that bathdelivered me from darknefs, and hath tranflated me into the Kingdom of his dear Son, and upon thefe terms do I ferve God now ; I do not ferve God as one that is in hazard forever to mifcarry, and out of a bate and flavifh fear lei I fhouldmifcarry, I do endeavor to work out my falvati- on ; ,but it is as one that is redeemed and delivered from eternal mifery, yea, I now begin to joyn with the Saints and Angels th are in Heaven, that are there magnifyingGod, and fhal be to ill eternity praifing ofHim for His free grace towards them; furely this Converfation fhould be in a higher degreeof holi- nefs than the Converfation of Adam could be even in Paradife : Yet Bill remembring this, we cannot in this life attain to fuch a Converfation as tobe without mixture ofevil, but we fhould be more fpiritual and heavenly in our waies, we have more caufe to be fo than AdAm had in his innocency, and we donot walk anfwerable to the Gofpel except our hearts do rife in a more fpiritual and heavenly way than his heart could rife when it came new outof the hand of his Creator. That's the firs con - fideration oftheLaw as it was a Covenant of life to him and all Arian-kinL.