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Gofiel-Coxverfation. man-kind inhim. Oh that as we goalong we would but con- fider what caufe we have of humiliation then ; Ohhow far are our Converfations thort ofthat that becomes the Gofpel if it thould not rife to fo high a pitch as this is that hath been menti- oned, Secondly, ConfiderWe the Law as in the adminiftrationofitby Mofes, andfo to thepeople of the 7ews The adminiflration ofthe Law to them it was under another notion , it was to bring them to Chrift, and that they might come to fee their inability ofkeeping ofthat Covenant, and come to underiland Chrift fo much the more, and tobe driven unto Chrift by having the Law prefented tp them, God did never intend by givingof the Law to the people ofthe Jews that it fhouldbe a Covenant of eternal life to them ; indeed there was this in the adminiftra- tionof it fomewhat different from us, fome fpecial Covenant a- bout their living in Canaan, and about mercies in that pro- mifed Land, beyond that that we have in the Law, as we find in The new Teftament, they (I fay) had this annexed to it. The Law that was firft given unto Adam and written in his heart, afterwards even obliterated, then it was tranfcribed by the fame hand in tables of frone and given unto them chiefly to thew them their mifery, and their need ofChrift ; to be a pre- paration for Chrifts coming into the world; and with this one addition beyond what we have in the newTeftament, that there was a temporal Covenant annexed unto it, that concern'd their living profperoufly in the LandofCanaan,(& fo far we are delivered even from the Law as it was given by Mofes, that is, from the connexion of the Covenant that was added unto the delivering ofthe Law) concerning their happy and comforta- ble condition in theLand ofCanaan upon the keeping of their Law ; but now (however it was) certainly that Converfation that becomes theGo#el fhould be beyond what could be even from godly men inthe time ofthe Law. As firft, The Law to them it was given under low Premifes,their promifes were but very low that were under the Law : It's true, they had fomewhat ofthe Gofpel that we have, but ex- cream darkly, and very little that they knew of it, but the ,úief atioLof God towards them was then in a legal _ . _ . _. way 47