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4g GofielConvey ation. way, and.that had but low promifes, as their living in Canaan; you (hall find generally all the promifes that are annexed to the Law even by Mofes, it is but, that they fhallprolong their daies in the Land the Lord their GodJhallgive theme That theyfhouldbe bleft in their basket andflore : their Promifes wereunder' Heaven -Pro- tnifes, Promifes of this life only ; and therefore it could raife them but to a very lowdegree of holinefs. Secondly, Their Ordinances werebut poor and mean, and beggerly in comparifon ofours; for fo the Gofpel cals them,Col. 2, Tbey were but beggerly rudiments, Whichflood only in meats and drinks., and divers wafhings and carnal Ordinances impofed on themuntil' the time ofreformation. Heb.. g. i o. They had an earthly Tabernacle, a worldly Sanctuary, Heb, 9. 1. &c. Thirdly,The burdenofthem under the Lawwas very great,they were under a heavy yoke & burden' that did bow them down : A man that is under a heavy burden it makes him (loop & bend in the back, he cannot (land fo upright nor fail as others that have no fuck weight upon them. Fourthly, The adminifiration of the Law was with Thunder and Lightning very terrible,It made evenA/fofès quake and trem. ble, (as the Author to the Hebrewsfpeaks.) Fiftly, Their fpirits were very fervileunder the Law, they were fubieet tobondage even all their daies ; God fo ordered `things as to carry on his people even in a eery fervile way, they werebut mean fervants then, hewers of wood and drawers of water. But now under the Gofpel, Frill, our Promifes are far bet- ter, and our Covenant better, in Heb. 8.6. there the Apoftle compares their Condition and ours, Who ferve (faith he) unto the example andfhadowofheavenly thiná's, There was but the /ha- dow of heavenly things; the Gofpel hath the Heavenly things themlelves, and they are but the fhadow, for fo you have it in Heb. i o. r. For theLava having a fhadow of good things to come, andnot the very image of the things : They had but a fhadow of 'good things to come , and not the very image it feif. As Mores was admonüh'd of God, when he was about to make the Tabernacle, Forfee (lath he) that thou make all things accor.- ding to ;thepattern Jbewed to thee in theMouñtAnd then in, eb.8.6. Bst