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S4 Glel-Converfation. the works thar ever Goddid do, are but as that one fpark o ly ; excepting this of Chrift ; and the love of God unto man- kind inChrift is as it were the heat of the furnace, there's bur. ping love indeed, the love ofGod in Chrift, this is the great fcope of the Gofpel, the great aim of God, the greatdefgn that God had in the Gofpel to make known the infinitnefs ofHis love unto the children ofmen : Now then if fo be that God in the Gofpeldoth reveal what there was in His heart from all e. ternity to man-kind (for fo it is) that's the fcope of the Gofpel; there was in the heart of God infinite love burning toward man-kind, God frometernity faw man-kind before him, and there was that ftrong inclination of his heart towards them in love, as did even burn in his heart : Now in time God reveals this in the Gofpel, in the Doctrine thereof He doth open His heart to the children of men : when ever the Golpel comes to be preached in any place, God doth look upon that place and hath thefe kind of workings in Himfelf, Well, that love of Mine that I have had burning in my Bofom from all eternity towards thefe poor creatures,now it íhall beopened, now it fhal be revealed ; juft as it was with 7ofeph that had his heart fo warm in love unto his Brethren, that though he kept it in a while he could not keep it in long, but at length it breaks out as fine, his bowels yernend towards his Brethren, and heweeps tears oflove over their necks : So in the Gofpel of Chrift, look upon God towards poor creatures, as 7ofeph towards hisBre- thren, and God as it were keeping in his heart towards them for a long time but now when the Gofpel comes among them God opens his very heart to them, now therefore there muff be a Converfation that becomes the Gofpel, as becomes this great thing in the Gofpel, that is the chief thing indeed that theGof- pel holds forth in every line of it, and difcovers his eternal Bove towards them in particular, in the Sonof his love, Chrift Jefus, in whom he is well pleafed. Heft. You will fay, What is it that becomes this thing in theofpel? Añf. Surely love, anfwerable love; that we fhould return love for love, he that dwels of God dwels in love, God Hirn- felf is love; Reade but khe firft Epif%le of that beloved Di fciple yob.;