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GofJiel-Coraverfation. ;ohn, what abundance of love is there made known of God ? every letter thereof is a characler of love ; and what commen- dations of love in heavenly expreffions ? But you reade no filch thing in theScripture before the Gofpel was revealed in that cleernefs as it was then ; now nothing but Love, love, andhow it called for love : Then there muff be this converfation, Love to God, as God to ru.'And that muff be real as Gods love in Chrift was. Queft. How didGodmanifeft his love ? Anfw. AConverfation becoming the Gofpel, muff be a ma; nifeffationof our love in force proportionable way : SoGod lo- ved the World, as Hegave His only Son that is as ifhe fhould have faid thus, God fo loved the world, fo dearly, as that which was the deareft thingunto God he gave for a teflimonie of his love to man-kind. The deareft thing, What's that ? His Son. If God fhould have faid, That I might teflifie my love to man- kind, as Ihave made one world for them, I will make ten thou- fand more, yea I will make fo manyworlds as every one of the children of men fhall have a world to poffefs ; you would think this were very much : Oh this were nothing in comparifon of that expreflion, So God loved theworld, as HegiveHis Son the Son ofGod is infinitly dearer to God than ten thoufand thou- fand millions of worlds are. Now, a converfation that be- comes the revelation of filch love, mull needs be this, Whatfoe- ver then is deareft to our fouls let that be given up toGod. As it was a tellimonyofthe love of Abraham to God, Hereby IknoW thou loveft me. Why ? B3ecaufe he gave up his Ifaac to God, he would not (pare his only Son whom he loved : fo God. (hewed his love to us we may fay, Lord, hereby we know thou Lovell us, that thou haft given thine Ifaac, thine onlySon for us, and hereby Lord Thal men and Angels know that we love thee, that whatfoever is dear to our fouls thou Thalt have it, we will offer it up to thee in way of facrifice : this is a converfation that be- comes the Gof/iel. So that when God Gals for any thing, never think it much, Oh this is hard and cooly and dear to me, and . how fhall I part with this ? Is this becoming the Gofpel, to nand with God for any thing ; for thy love mull be fomewhat Çu.table to Gods5His lave was fuck as he gave thedeareft to thee, and