Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

6q,' Gofpel-Converfation. this, that theLord is a God that is flit' ofgoodnefs, that He is good anddoth good, that all good is in him ; but to apprehend God to be fach a God of peace,' fo infinitely fet upon it, (as I may fo fay) to be reconciled to fuck as are enemies, could never have been known but by thisGofpel of Chrift ; hereinwe find that though there was an infinite difference between God and man, between Heaven and Earth through our finning fin, yet the Lord was willing tobe reconciled, yea though.the offence of man was exceeding great fo that it cried for vengahce, yet he was pleafed wonderfully to condefcend to make a peace with him : Yea though the Lord had man under his power and could do what He pleafed with him, He had His enemy un- der His feet, and might have broken him all to pieces with His iron-rod as a Potters veffel (which when it is broken can never be made whol again) yet He was willing to be reconci- led. Third ly;Though odhad no need at all of us,Hê W.as infinitly blef fed in hirnfelF, Who is perfection andbleffednefs it Pelf. Sometimes we are willing tobe reconcil'd to our enemies, either becaufe we have them not under our power, or becaufewe have forne need of them ; but God that had us under his hand, and might eau- ly have deftroyed us,, and had no need at ail of us, yet was de- firous to fpare us, as a father fparethhis only fonwhom he Io- veth. Fourthly, The Gofpel holds this out to us;. That the LordHe begins theWork.of reconciliation, He frft loving ti.f, the infinit God feeketh to us his creatures to come into be reconciled, therefore he fends his Ambaffadors of peace to befeech us in Chrifls head to come in tobe reconciled to him, to accept of His Propofiti- ons of Peace which make fo much for our everlafling lalvati- on. Fiftly, Thohgh reconciliation muffcot God very dear ; that God mull be at a great deal of colts and charges to reconcile His creatures to himfelf; it coil no lefs than the blood of his only begotten. Son, and yet he is willing tobe reconcil'd ; faith God, my heart is fet upon this work, and let it colt what it will, ifit were ten thoufand worlds yet my heart is fo upon it, that I will bring them in that they may be reconciled to me, and made one withme. Sixthly,