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Coffel--Conerfation. 73 vangelical frame of fpirit ! let me fpeak plainlyto you, when you come to hear the glorious riches ofthe grace of the Gofpel fet before you in the Word, ye feem to be fomewhat taken with it, but when you go home to your family, are ye not rea- dy under the leaft crofs then tobury a thoufand mercies ? Oh what a diflionor is this to the Gofpel of Jefus Chrifi that re- veals fo much mercy of God in it, that it doth call for Chrifli- ans that do profefs it, to go through troubles, and through difcouragements with cheerful hearts ? and although there be many things that might daunt the fpirits ofothers that do riot underftand what the mercies of God in Chrift are, yet thofe that profefs theGofpel fhould Phew undaunted fpirits, forwhy ? It is infinite, free rich, glorious grace that is made known to them by the word ofChrifts lips. Obj, You wil fay, I, if I knew that thismercy were mine Anf I but doff thou hear in the Gofpel that it is free, and 'there is no foul hath any right to this mercy, but by caflìng it's felt upon this mercy, and therefore it is as free for thee to cafl thy felt upon it as another; indeed the mercy that is revealed by the light of Nature, is fuch mercy of God that is more con- ditional, that is, if I do fuch and fuch things then God will be mercifnl unto me, the light of Nature goes no further than this ; ifI obey and leave my fin, then I may hope that God will be merciful to nie : It's true, the Scripture tells us; ifI do not leave my fin God will not have mercy ; I but the Gofpel holds forth mercy thus, There is mercy in God, firft to pardon thy fin, and then to take away thy fin ; now the Gofpel reveals Gods mercy in juflifying the ungodly ; though I am_ poor and blind, and miferable, and naked, and have not power to leave my fin, yet I have free leave to caft my foul upon Gods mercy, both for pardon and for power together againft my fin, for fo it muff be, indeed I have no power, I may not flay till I have power againfl my fin, and then I will venture all that I have upon Jefus Chrift, this is the mercy of the Gofpel ; I fpeak of this defpairing and fullennefs of heart, as it's manifefled in the Converfations of men and women by which they do difho- nor the Gofpel of Chrift, when they live in their -families and their hearts fink in fuch a fu lien way as if there were nothing l1 in