Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

Goel-Converfatior. ,,2RAARxpQ` *é`ltÿé4kf'#'"kr°hr+^gP(+ni+Yn ?kn=^°44'k4,44,4, 4,4,fps. 4 $ v a 4 4 SERrM:ON V. PHIL. I. 27. Only let your Converfition be as becomes the ÿofel ofChrift. 4i$ß - N the fat place, Would you knowwhat Converfation v becomes the Gofpel ? Confider what it is that the 8 I t GofpeI holds out to you, It holdsforth Gods infinit 4. '44 +44 hatred offin more than any other thing whatfoever. 1., Aman may come to know the evil of fin partly by Reafon, he may under!}and that fin it is againfl a right rule, yea, by the light ofreafon he may conceive it is but reafonable for a rational creature to live by rule, and to tranfgrefs again!" the rule of ja- ftice and equity is evil. 2. A man may come to know the evil offn by God.; Corn. mand : the Lawof God forbids fin, and therfore it is evil, cer- tainly to tranfgrefs the Law of God, to go againfl the Will of God muff needs be a great tranfgreflìon. 3. A man may corne to know the evil of fin by the Dread of Threatnings that are added to the Law, Curled it he that abideth not in every thing that is written in the Tookofthe Law todo it. This difcovers a dreadful evil in fin : when a foul comes to have a real fight of the dreadful threats that are in the Law, it cloth ex- ceedingly terrifie confcience and raifeup that fleepy Lyon out ofhis den. 4. A. man may come to know the evil of fin by fome dread- ful