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ffoolts Printed4y Peter. Cole, Printer Pia)! New. Books of Mr. Ter. Burroushs, . THE FIRST BOOK :7 Some Dire6tions how,to get R.d7t Cbria s tall to a2 thole that are ;Peary' from Chrift in Spiritual defertions, and Heavy Laden to come to himfor it.efi. T HodsncoND BOOK Whe eini: filmed Firll. (hitt the Great Teacher of Sala: it The Burden of \in. s The Bur- that come to him. den of the Law. 3 The Barden r Wherein is Chewed L. perfo-tna; as with the Micood I What Chrifts Yoak is., a That of thole th. t a, e under them. 4. Ttie Weevers molt take Chrifts Yoak on Burden of Corrup,i-n. s The But them. 3 The more we a e under the cienof Outward i'4filidion. Yoalc of Chrift the more.REST we have. 4 Chrift is the great Teacher Serondly , (.7 forift Gracioufly offets of his Church and People. 5 In to thew that come to him what manner Chrift Teschetht 1 He R E'S T fi om all thole Diardens. is a MeekTeacher. a An Humble Wherein is loved. Teacher. 6 The Learners cf C hrift s :W,11,t it is to come to Cheift. molt be &I E E K, 7 The Learners 2. ,That C hrift, ., quires nothing but of Chrift molt be hun Ye, 8 (haft to come to him. 3 Several Rules to teacheth by his E X AMPL E. be. O'sretvecl in right coming to 9 Wherein Ch ifis EXAMPLE Chrili 4 Mews to DrawSou!ei to is to be followed. to Whrit kind of Ch.M. 5 Thit in coming to Chilli- Psttern (frill is. It We muff not. Got' woo d have us have rept& to our follow the Example of the World. felvr. 6, That there is No REST for f-uls out of Chrift-; And the Rea- We mutt imitate Chrift inM E E K. fon, therefore; with Lome conchafions' N E S. from it. t What MCC1,11CfS i&.. z Learn of aria to be Meek towald; God; And Thii0, There is thewed., the Reafons thereof. 3 .1 be Dread- I The Rat Pelctvers have frornful Evil of Anger and froYardnefs to fits. a The deliveracce from the Law wards God. 4 Meeknefs town, ds Goa by Chr A is. 1 Privatively, 2,Fofi- Exemplified from ftriptur.7, Examples. siVely. 3 The Rek belecvers have from 5 Meeiincfs towards Men which con- the %mist) of the Law by coming to fins in ordering Amer. cl2o the right Cluj-4 4 How t. hiiit gives' Reft Objea. "%Teo the right Time. ; To from the Burden of Legel perfor- the reight meafure. 4 To the riche amore,'. 6 Hove Chrift gives Rea,-end Sec. 6 The fad Effeds of Anger. arrest he Burden of Corruption,17,,The Excellency of fMeeknefs. sichtreIn k (hewed hew Sartaificktion 8 Protnifet made to hieekneh. atd Holint is comes from ( htift onl y.19 Many Vaine Reaionsand Pleas for for holinek 6 goys,, Chrift_ gives to. Mtekncfst Illt,:arts ter get anct . \ in4 encouragments to come to Chrift Anger. Anfrfcred. 3* 34491t atiPaL , 1k. ft*P% cut*_ to 4(40-A! ' 442tg*C144 ab - - _