Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

end Bookfeller of London at the Exchang0e ' - New Books of Mr, Jeremiah Burroughs, THE THIRD BOOK ving Chrift. And re a frig the thimble T eacher of thofe chile come to him. ceiving Chrift is Bea, 'net cin is flamed. I Vihat E,.rililit, or Lowlines is 11eVltig Not a What that Lowlinefs of Ir Of Covctouinefs. Heart is that Chtift would nave us to '-'4 Learn of him., 3, Argultencs from lb !he Fiat Book is fbeweci the Lovtlinrfs of Chriff to work Low- (pelidts, many other things) lines of fpi it. its Lt. 4 Pa- p. oper- Y. Pe, fans that baeevers ties,of an humble heart toward. God, are &cc/vers. 1 The Properties of An Humble and 2 That to Receiiie is the Principal Lowly heart in rerpe&of Oar idvet of of Faith 6 The properties of humility in re. hinder (pea of others. t It is fearful, of Rf ctivi; g-, I Nye OW VIII. z Nor, giving or taking ofkInc,-. 2 Ir Oits , Costs eiciao4 3 Nor the frame(;; due honor to_ all. 3 I is tond c! co, of our receipts, 4 Not the great.; others, 4 Its not nerdlt fly ii:,gular from them. 7 The Exceitcpcic, or /leis of all''' l'ants. H , ow Fa, th Receives. Humility. 8 f turnility brings RE'-)T 5 4 7 hat Faith Receives Chrifl. a irtSs, unto the Soul. 9 Means to get Hu the uncles, anding. a In the nitl. utility 6 , t.,e temper of a mart that hash faith. THE FOU.:R.TH BOOK 7- l'he mot/Thy of Faith w The only F ,fie ay to Heaven, 8 Though Faiib be frill yet it makes tiN,' twain is fitictwed *I the cons of God. 9 The 70tie of true Faid). a The way .to Haven that !elm is to There are but few that Receive Cii-.if Teacheth, is an Eafie way, f-.k Os ifki E-videnccs thereof. a The Difference a I 7 hree forts that came not' to ., between the E A S E a Carnal heart chyilt a Such as 'N:ceive hire he is. Such as hack, a'nd the EASE a gtaeous soul 2., , cl,l4 their bath in Religion. 3 The Reafon not as coming to him. 3 Sit,,h a4, give rot , whY come gracious Souls complaine of that place to Chili?, in. their h:.arts . difficulty in Gods wales. 4, What it is that Make: the wales of Gid fa, that is 'cuing for him: ritfie. 1 Confequences from the In the Treatife of Covetouiners ealinefs of Gods voles. 6 Diretti is ibewed; - ons how we may make the, waits of a it is the .Duty of all as they would God Eafie, obtaine eternal Life to beware of . New: Doks of ,Mr i covetourneis. z Tilt. Reafons ofthe Doelrine, a Its Sy4,4Cb Silnpfilln , ViZi'i afoiritual Sin, z. It ov'r fpreade the whole nasn. 3 Its Oppofite to , 1=10 Of i Faith, Or ,, That.- the Nature of Godlin, fl' and Reli- gion,. 4 ,Its the 0000. anti feed :off 1.#1.00itig' is -; recei 4a