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78 The right manner ofdraving nigh -that is neceffary for fans Gods Name inholy Duties, thou mutt have a fanaified heart, high thoughts of God, and high ends. In the fourth -place, There mutt be much reverence, and much fear when thou comeft into the pretenceof God to wor- ihiphim : thou doeft not glorifie God as God, except thoudoeft come into his prefence with much fearand reverence of his great Name : Fear in worshiping of God it is fo neceffary, that ma- ny times in Scripture we find that the very Worfhip of God is called, Thefear of god, they areput both for one; I might give youdivers Scriptures for it : and hence it was that the Name of God was called thefear of Ifaac, Jacob did fwear by thefear of hisfather Ifaac; becaufe Ifaac being a great Worthiper of God, kept his conitant times to worfhip God, and worfhiped him in fuch a conttant way, as (except 'Davidand Daniel) wedo not find mention of the conftancy of any,in the worshipingof God as we do of Ifaac'f ; for it is faid,that he walked but into the fields - in the evening as he was wont todo, to Medicate,and toPray ; and therefore God is called, Thefear ofIfaac. In (Pfal. 89.7. is a notable,Scripture for this drawing nigh to Godwith fear : God isgreatly to befeared in the .Affembly ofthe Saints, and to be had in reveranceof alltbern that are about him: God is to be had in reverence of all them that are about him, but in the Af- fembly ofthe Saints he isgreatly to be feared, be is daunting ter- rible(i'o the wordsare) in the Affembly ofthe-Saints.When thou cornett nigh to God, thouhadft need have thyheart poffeft with much fear. So in Pfal. 2. I I. the Kings and Princes of the earth are calledupon toferve the Lord withfear:Let them be never lo great, yet when they come into gods prefence, they mutt ferve himwith fear: And to in fPfal. 5.7. tn rhyfear will I trot-Pip to- ward thy holy Tempele. Now this fear ofgod,it mutt not be a fervile fear, but a filial and reverential fear ; For my bre- thren, theremay be a great deal of flavith fear, where 'God is not honored ;there may be fear from fome terrible apprehenfions of God, which yet is not owned by Ciod tobe this graceof fear : Pie give you two notable Scriptures for that, in Eteut. 5. 23. 24. compared withthe 29. It came to pap ( faith the text yea. 23. ) wkenye heard the voyce out ofthe middeft of the darkners for