Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

88 Theright manner ofdrawing nigh thou feeft anothet perform a Duty, ifthou feeft but any failing in their exprefftons, thoupitcheft upon that, and lookeft upon it as a poor thing ; thou art not able to fee any excellency in ho- ly Duties, except therebe an excellency of natural! parts ; but thole that have the Spirit of God, they can find the Spirit of God acing in others, though they have not fuch natural' parts. 4. Thofe that are fitted by their natural! parts, in fecret they are lefs enlarged,than they are before others a great deal. Their parts act muchbefore others, But what is there between God and their own Souls ? S. They that be fo atted will not be very conftant, you fhall have yong ones, that begin to look towards Religion, their part., ,re a little frefh, and they are mightily enlarged in holy Duties, and the thing is good for them to make ufe of their parts ; but howordinary it is, that after a few years they are deader andduller than they were before, and have lefs mind to the Duties of Gods Worfkip than they had formerly ? VVere this the Spirit of God, youwould find as much favour and re- in in them afterwards, as therewas at that rime. Secondly, For natural! Confciences, which fometimes puts men upon acingofDuties, and ( indeed) is better than meetly natural parts. a. If it be only natural Confcience, it puts upon Duties, but gives no ftrength todo them : But when the Spirit of God puts thee upon a Duty, it gives thee fome ftrength to perform it, Come ftrength whereby thou getteft fame Communion with God. 2. If it be natural! Confcience, it puts upon the Duty, but makes not the heart gladof theDuty, and to love theDuty : but ifisbe the Spirit of God, it makes thee todelight in it, and to love it. 3. If it be natural! Confcience, that doeft not by that encreafe thy Communion with God, thou doeft thy Duties as in a round ; but now when the Spirit of God puts thee upon holy Duties, it is not a task done but thou findeft more and more encreafe in Communion with God ; thy heart more railed to God, and more cloling with theLord, and fo (till more and more