Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

Books printed by Peter Cole, printer .42/54n. 5 Its a bare Tin. The Ilangeroufnef? ofcovetoufneg' .1 It is hardly avoided. z Its difficultly cured. Youfhal have all things needful for this life ifyou rail look after Grace. 5 Tour Life lies in Grace, not in Riches. 6 There is more to be feared than to be defired in Riches. ,; 7 ale ibould Martifie our defires of- ter';ticbes. In Baok t Of tlabe!ief: or the want of Re!dineb: &c. is fh;wed I what unbeliefit is that is here fpo- ken of . y. The beg way to deal with vnbe- lief. Sin of vnbekif. 5 That wefhould be quick and ready to beleeve. 6 afotives to inductorfor readinefs to beleeve. 7 Helps to attain readtnefs in Beleev-: ing. In Book Of Not going to Chrifi &c. is :hewed, I That unbelief is a great Sin, and exceeding provoking unto God. z Several arguments provoking us to beleeve thegreatnefs of the Sin ofun- belief. 3 Many Objegions an[wered. 4 Sev oralforts ofthis Sin of unbeliefe. 5 Means to convince us that unbelief is [o great a Sin. 3 That unbeliefis afin againg at the 6 -1 hough the Sin of unbelief be very Attributes of God. great, yet its pardonable. 4 That Chrig will not bear with this 7 God bath pardoned unbelief, and rail pardon it. 4,4,,tp.rovit+.4p444,4,4,44494,4444.4.444:474444+ tholick V ifible Church. By Samuel _Stone in New-England. A TreatiCe of Politick Powers, wherein (even Queftions are anfwered, Whereof Power is made, and for what ordained. z Whether Kings and Governors have an Abfolute Po- wer over the People. 3 Whether Kings and Governors be lubjeft to the Laws of God, or the Laws of their Country. 4 How far the People are to obey their Governors. Dr. Owen againft Mr. Baxter. stittc1P4P4-****************** 40,1p4,4049444, ,Mr. Hookers New Books in three re- hand : None being written-by him- darns : One in 011avo, and filf before. One Volum being a two in .2.Liarto. Commer. upon Chrifi's loft Prayer Thefe Eleven New Books of Mr, in the Seventeenth of John:wherein is ThomasHooker, made in New-England opened, The union beleevers have Are attetted in airEpi tile by Mr. rbe- with God and Chrift, and the glorious ,arias Goodwin, and Mr. Philip Nye, Priviledgi2s thereof. Befides many To be Written with the Authors Own I tier Golpel Truths, there you have thewed. That A Congregational Church is a Ca- Dr. Sibbs on the Philippians Pox Pacifica, or a Perfwafive to Peace. Dr. Preflons Saints fubmiffion, and Sarans Overthrow. Pious Mans Pratlice in Parliament time. Barriffs Military Difcipline. The Immortality of Mans Soul. The Anatomift Anatomized. The Bifhop of Canterbury's Speech woodwards Sacred %Nance.