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hod in Worfhip. bath theabfolute difpofe ofmy prefent and eternal condition , Hegave me my life, hehath prefervedmy life, and fo may take it a way when he pleafes9 and bring death, eternal death unto me. Thefe things may marveloufly help your meditation when you are to comebefore Him, you who are barren in your meditations, go over the Attributes of God thus, and confider what you may be able to draw frot thence. God, He is the living God : What behavior then doth befeern me cowards the living God ? Oh let me be afraid left My foul depart from the livingGod : Let me bring a living Service to Him, I muff not bring a dead heart ; lame take heed how I come before the living Godwith a dead heart, and with a dead fervice, to fa- crifice chat which is dead before it comes, it's like a carrion that lies dead in the ditch. Oh let us be humbled for our dead hearts, and dead facrifices ; it is a living God that I amwor- thiping, and therefore I muff pray, Lord turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity,andquicken my heart in thy Lap 3rPfal. 119. 37. Remember when thou comeft to worfhip, that thou come with a quickned heart, for thou haft to deal with a living god: A man or woman that is ofan aftive fpirit, cannot endure a dull and heavy fervant in the family ; 4ut the Lord is a pure att., and nothing elfe but att, and therefofehe doth expoet that all his people should have quick, aftive, and lively fp irics. 6. When you come to worfhip God : you are to look upon Him as Almighty. And fo are, Fiat, To fear his great Power when you come before Him, And Secondly : Then you are not to be difcouraged by any diffitukies. I come to leek for fome great thing, and I come to feek to a great God, that hath all Power in Heaven and Earth, and infinitely more power than there is in all creatures in Heaven and Earth ;' I ampraying to a God that can create peace, create help : _My condition cannot be fo defperate, but this Infinite Almighty God is able to help me : Let memake him the objett of my faith as he is.fo infinitely Almighty : Whit a full objed of faith is this God that hath all power in Tiin ? Let me therefore come to him as a ftrong Tower;llun to thename ofgod al a firong tower that can help in all ftraights whatfoever. There would be much drawing 97