Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

98 The rtght manner ofdrawing nigh drawing forth c our Faith : if we could prefent the Lord be- foreus as an infinite Almighty God : when we fee outward helps and means neer at hand, then we can heleeve that we may have Tome fuccour from him, but when all outward helps andmeans fail then we are difcouraged 5 we do not fanetifie Gods Name, but we rather take this Name of God in vain, when as our hearts are difcouraged with any difficulties ; now the Lord ex. peas that all his Children that come to worfhip him, fhould worfhip him as the Almighty God, and fo have their hearts working towards him ; there would be mighty workings of Spirit towards. God, if we faw him by the eye ofFaith as well as Reafon. 7. Look upon God as an Omnifcient God, as a God infi- nitely underftanding all things. Now what loth this call ?or ? Firft,. IfGod be a God of Infinite underftanding, then let not me bring a blind. Sacrifice to God, then let not me bring an ignorant heart to God ; this is the excellency of an underitane ding creature to know the rule and end of its own Altions ; now thou cornett toworfhip an infinite God, of infinite under. itanding, then know the,rule of what you do, and know the end of what you do, andTome with unclerftanding in His pre- fence. Secondly, If He be fo underitanding, come with a free open heart, to open whatfoever is in thine heart to God ; take heed of keeping any fecret refolutions in thine own heart, God knows thee, and can tell how to find 'thee out ; God knows all that is in thine heart before e all the fecret bafenefs that is in thine heart, the Lord cloth underftand it, the Lords eye is a piercing eye, He fees thorow and thorow thy heart. It's a. vain thing for thee tocome andconceal any thing before Him. You will fay, IfGod underftand a mans heart,., what need he come and confefs ? Yes : He requires it as thy duty that thou fhouldeft come and open all before him : In fpight of thy heart thou canft not co-, vet any thing from the Lords eyes ; but the Lord will fee whe- ther thoubeat willing of thy felf that He ihould underftandal god'