Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

anaBookleller ofLondon, at the PA-change IV That the end why the Saints receive alglorions Grace, it, That they may be one, as the Father and (brit are one. 1 a That God the Father Itveth the Faithful, as he Jovial) jefus (shrift. That our Savior defireth to have the Faithful in Heaven with binilelf. 4-That the hopoinefl of our being in Heaven, u to fee Chrifis Glory. That there is much wanting in the knowledg ofGods Love, in the 04, ableSaints. 6 That the Lord Chrig - lends dayly direllion, according to the dayly need ofhis Servants. 7 That it is the defire, andendeavor ofour Savior, that the deareft of Gods Love, whichwas beflowed ors binafelf,fhould be given to his faith- ful Servants. 'That our Vnion, and Communion with God in Chrig, is the top of oar happincfl in Heaven.. The firft eight Books :. of the Ap- plication of Redempt4on, By the ef- feftual Work of the Word, andSpirit of Chrift, for the bringing home of loft Sinners to God. In which (be fides many other fea(onable, and Soul- fearching Truths) there is alfo largely ',hewed. a cbrig loath - purchafal al fpiritual goodfor kl I S. .Chrifl puts al HI S into poffefflion of al that good that be bath purchafed. 3; The Soutmuft befitted for chrig be- fore it 'Can receive him : And a po- werful Minigry is the ordinary means to prepare the heart for chrift. 4..The work ofGod isfree : And thv 0 of Salvation, is while this Life tafIsand the Gtifirel continues. 44ittait his is itt any ilike4' bat the m)g I),fore old ,4ge. 0 The Soul is n-Husby fetledin a fin-- fatfectiri.y. 7 The heart of a 'katural men is' wholly unwilling to fiebniit to the u'o, that would fever bin front-. hisfins. 3 God the Father by, a holy kind op violence, plucks Irli3 out of their' corruptions, and draws them to be leeve in Chrig, The Ninth and Tenth Books of the* Application of Redemption by the Effedual Work of the Word; and fpf- rit of Chrift, for the bringing home of loll fanners to God. Befides many- other feafonable, and 'Soul4earching Truths there isalfo-largely fhewed. a Theheart mull be humble and=con® trite before the Lordmil davit in it.' z Stubborn, and bloody !flatters may be made freoken- hearted. 3 There mull be true fight of fin, be-- fore the heart can be broken for it. 4 Application of iliecial fins by- the Minifiry, is a means.to bring mental fight of, andfarrowfor them: teditation of fin,' a fpecial meanr tobreak the heart. 6 The fame word is profitable to fame, not to another. 7 The Lord fointimes makes the word prevaile molt;: whon,its moft - poled. 8 -Sins unrepented Of,' makes,way for- piercing Terrors.- 9The Truth terrible to aguilty cm/4i- ente. 10 Ging' andfcaadalousfinners, God ufually exercifith with heavy brea- - kings of iteart,before they lie-brought I to- C brig. al 'Sorrow fit, fin. rightly fe't ora 'pier CelhMelsears oftbi'fiover fthrotoghly., as ;NO