Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to god in Worthip. 99 Godcloth not retrain us to come and confers our fins, that ib he might know that which heknew not before, but for this end, That there might be a reftimony, that thou art willing that he fnouidknow all that is in thy heart ; therefore nowwhen thou comeft to worfhiphim, ranfack every corner of thy heart, and confefs all before the Lord, and give glory to his Name, as that God that is an All-feeing God, that knows all the winding and turnings of thy heart: Now medicateof thefe things that be pre- fenced to thee, and it will be a mighty means co help thee to fan- difie his Name. 8. God is a God of infinite Wifdom, therefore when we come to worfhip Gad, let us be afhamed of our folly : When thou comeft to have todeal with God, lookupon him as a God of infiniteWifdome, and I fay be thou afhamed of thy folly then, anddo thouexercife the grace of wifdom too when thou comeft to God ; that is, by propounding right ends (of which we fpake before) That is onepart ofwifdorn to have right ends, and right means towards thole ends, fo that the meditation of the wifdomof God when we come to worfhip him will further us to fandifie his Name. And further ; This is toSanetifie Gods Wifdom, when thou comeft into Gods prefence, in thy greateft itraights 5 deny thy own wifdom, come with a refolucion to be guided by the Wif- dom of God, in this manner, Lord, I know not how to order my fteps, there is much folly and vanity in my heart, but thou art a God of infinite Wifdom, I come to thee for diredion, and I profefs here, I am willing togive up my Soul to be guided by thy wifdom. Ifevery time we come to Worfhip God we came thus 1- Oh Lord, whatfoever our thoughts have been heretofore, yet if thou fhalt but reveal thymind to us, we will hearken to thee, Lord, we beleeve that thy Wifdom iris thy Self, and therefore we profefs togive up our felves to shy Wifdom. Now this is toSanftifie the Nameof god. 9. Confider the holinefs of God ; God is a god infinitely pure from all fin, and therefore when we come to Worfhipgod, we muff be afhamed of our holinefs, as the Prophet in Ilea. 6. wheahebtard the Sera phims cry, (Holy, ,boly boty,is the Lord of bolis,he fals down and faith,Wo is me,for I am undone,becaufe I M ans