Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

'co The right manner of drains nigh am a man of unclean lip!. And is God a holy God ?Then let me cake heed when I come before Hirn,that I bring not with me a love to any fin, for the Lord hates it, and let me take heed chac I do not raft dirt in the very face of Gods Holinefs, but give upmy foul to berul'd wholly byHim And labor that there may be a fucablenefs between theholinefs of 14 heart, andof the infinite God. Now this is to fanti ifie Gods Nare,when the confederation of this Atribute of God bath fucheficer uponmy heart, that I labor upon this to come with a fumble heart before God. o, When thou cornett before God,Confider that thou cornea to a merciful God:And what thould this work Fir:t, Ic fhouldmake me come joyfully intoHisprefence, as a God that is willing todogood to his poor creatures chat are in inifery. Secondly, It thould make me to come with a. heart fenfible of theneed of this mercy ; 0Lord, I have had my heart let out t°other vain things heretofore, but now Lord, thy mercy it is that my foul comes for, as that wherein my cheifandonly good tonfifts. Thirdly, It fliould makeme come with expettatiorr of great things from God : do not come unto God as untoan empty Vine, but as unto a full Vine, and the more thy faith is raifed to expel} great things fromGod, the more acceptable art thou to God : Certainly the higher any ones faith is raifed when they come into his prefence, to expel the great& things, the more acceptable. It is otherwife wirh God than men, ifyou come to men to beg a little thing, you may be welcome, but.if youcome to ask a great matter, they will look askew upon you but the truth is, the greater the things are chat we come co God for,, the more welcome are we into Godsprefence : and thofe that are accquainted withGod they know it, and therefore they come the more fully. When they come to ask Jefus Chritt him felf and his Spirit that is more worth than ten thourand waslds, they come withmore freedom of Spirit,than when they come to ask their healths, and the like. Fourthly, It will be likewife another means of fanaify- atig chic Atubutg of god, when thou.comeft to him : If thou doeft