Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

it 6 The rightmanner ofdrawing nigb the Word, or receiving the Sacraments. And this will further thee mightily for thefandifying the Name of God in holy du- ties. But now that all may be fealed up unto you, and fa that we- may clofe the Point, know,That God-, nil be fanEfified in fhofe thatdo draw nigh to 'Him. And there are thefe two things in the Point. Firif, Ifwe do notfandifie gods Name Godwill fanftifie his Name in a way of Juftice. Secondly, If we do-fanttifie his Name, then he will fandifie his Name in a wayof mercy towards us. For the firft, God will manifeft that he is difpleafed with fuch duties that thou doeft perform, he will manifeft it one way or other that he is a holy god, and he doth not accept of fuchunholy things as thoudoeft tender up to him ; for the truth is,. ifGod fhould accept of fuch unholy things frommen, god may be faid to be like unto themfelves. As a man if he doth entertain any as his familiar freind that is naught and wicked, it is his difgrace and dithonor ; a man may fomtimes imploy in fome bufinefs thole that are naught and wicked, and it may be.no difgrace to him, but if he doth entertainone in his houfe that is wicked, it is a difhonor to him : So God may imploy the molt wickedmen in the world in fame outward fer- vices, buc if he fhould accept ofthem in his Warfhip, it would bea difhonor to God, and therefore God that he might fan- ifie hisown Name, he will manifeft hisdifpleafure at one time or other againft fuchdutiesof Worlhip ; you thatperform wor- fhip in,a formal manner, and with unclean vile hearts ; I fah, it Rands upon the Honor of God, ifhe will manifeft Him)elfa holyGod, Hemutt manifefi fome difpeafure againft that way of thyworfhiping ofhim.: This one medication one would think fhould mightily fink into the heart of any man that bath an en- lightnedconfcience, to thinkthus, It /lands upon the halinefs of God, Andhe cannot appear tobe a holy God except hecloth fame wayor other appear to be againft me in fuch duties chat I. tender up unto him. Now you will fay,, Howdotla God appear, that he.tlothnor accept of them liewill appear ail thefe three things Firth;.