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to god in Worfhip. I17 t. Fiat, By blafting thofe chat do worfhiphim thus in a for- mal way : It that at full be fecrer, but afterwards it wil appear moreapparently, andwe fee it by experience, that fuch as have been Profeffors of Religion, andworfhip God in Hypocrifie, and in Formality, they havebeenblafted in their parts and com- mon gifts. The Judgment ofGod upon Nadab and .Abihit that did not Santtifie Gods Name, it was fecret at firft ; It struck them dead, and though by fire, yet ifyou read the Rory, youThal find that their cloathes were not burnt, and yet they were burnt in their bodies : So the Lord fomtimes cloth blaft men inwardly in their Spirits, in their Souls, in their Parts, in their common Gifts ; He blafts them(I fay) inwardly, though it doth not appear out- wardly, yet at length it wil appear before men that they are bla- fted ; and in thefe times of the Gofpel the Lord doth come with fpiritual Judgments rather than with outward temporal Judg- ments. In the timeof the Law, thofe that did not Sandifie the Name ofGod inholyDuties, theLord didappear by fume ex- ternal andvifible way upon their Bodies ; but now in the time of the Gofpel, there God comes with more fpiritual Judgments uponmens fouls, and thofeare the molt terribleJudgments : We have a notabl, Scripture for this in Ira. 29. 13. how God doth blaft chute that donot fanetifie his Name in holyduties. Where- fore the LordPaid, Forafmucbas this People draw neer me with their mouth, andwith their lips do honor me, but have removed their heartfarfromme, and tbeir fear towards me is taught by the Precepts of men: Mark That follows : Therfore behold I will proceed todo amarvelous workamongft this people, evena marvelous workanda wonder, for the wirdomof their wife men, (ball perifh, and the underftanding oftheirprudent mien pallbe hid. What do they comeand draw neer me with their lips, and their hearts are far from me, anddo they worfhipme in a formal way ? Ple take away the wifdom from the wife, and the thAer- ftanding from the prudent : And that is the reafon why fomany great Schollars are gaited in their very parts,becaufe they would worfhip God according to the precepts of men, in a formal way and fo al Hypocrites,and formal Worfhipers,the Lorddote them in one wayor other the judgments of Godupon the ,pt- I its