Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

8 The right manner ofdravingnigh rits of men were fometimes in the timeof the Law ; But in the times of the Gofpel, there we find generally the judgments of God to be more fpiritual upon tie hearts and confciences of .men ; we find it by experience God cloth difcover that he doth not accept of fuch as thofe are ; and therefore when you fee a- ny that have made profeflion of Religion, that had excellent Parts atfirft, many Common Gifts, and now are as we fay, no body ; remember this Text, That Clodrvill befanifified in thofe that come nigh Him. Secondly, The Lord dothmanifeft that hewil be fanttified in thole that draw nigh him, by awaking their Confciences many times upon their fick beds, and death beds, the Lord doth force them to give Glory toHim, and there to acknowledg that they did nor worfhip God in Uprightnefs, but in Formality. And now they are in horror of Confcience, and cry out in the an guifh of their Souls upon the apprehenfion of the dreadful wrath of God that is upon them : Take heed for the Lords fake of this thing, when you are performing of the Duties of Worfhip, do not reft in the outwardDuties, for they wil never comfort you upon your Lick and death beds, you mayperhaps put off your Confciences a little for theprefent, but whenyou comeupon your fick beds, there will be no comfort unto you, and then youwill be forced to fay, wel, all this while I have but taken the Name of God in vain, and nowGod bath rejetted me and all my Services; andyou wil then (peak to thofe that come about your beds fide, and bid them take warning by you : takeheed that whenyou worfhip Godyou worfhip him topur- pofe, I have fpent time in prayer, and hearing; but for want of this, I find I have nocomfort at all, but the Lord appears to be terrible tomy foul, andcomes out againft me as an enemy. fay, now Gods Name is fanaified : whatever becomes of thee, he wil force Glory from thee one way or other, and it may be even here in this time of thy life ; but however, at the great Day, when the fecrets ofal hearts muff be difclofed beforeMen and Angels, then the Lord wil appear to bea holy God by re. jetting al fuchServices that thou dideft tender up to him, and it wil thenbe a great part of the work of the Day of Judgment for God to be fanttified in thofe that did worfhiphim -; by de- claring