Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

to God in Worfhip. 119 daringbefore Men andAngels, how did he reject fuch formal andhypocritical worfhip that they did tender upunto him, Oh that God would ftrike this upon your hearts that is may abide uponyou every time you come toworfhip-him , to think thus , Let me look to it to fandifie his Name now for I hear that God will fandifie it himfelf if I do not do it. But thenon the other fide if fo be that thoumakeft Confci- ence offandifying Gods Name inDuties, then he wil fandilie his Name in a way ofMercy ; that is, he wilmanifeft how he doth accept of the leaft degree of holinefs, though therebe much mixture : Godbath' a way to take away themixtureby theblood ofhis Son, and then to accept ofany holinefs he fees in thee, He wil fandifie his Name by meeting with thee; and revealing his Glory to thee when thou arc worfhiping ofhim : There is au' excellent Scripture for this, Exod. 29.43. There I will meet with the children ofIfrael, and the TabernacleThal befantlified by my glory. Thou that haft a gracious heart, and art worshipingof God in fincerity, thou art as a TabernacleofGod, and Good huh his Service and Worthip from thee, thou art as the -temple of God, and there will I meet with thee ( faith God ) and 11will fanffifie my Tabernacle by my glory. God wil Pant fie thy heart by his Glory, if thou clOft fandifie his Name. Further, Thou fhalc (it may be) not alwaies have fuch glo- rious comforts, the full beams of the Sun riling upon thee, but at one time or other the Lord wil break in upon thee and ma- nifeft his Glory to thee, and it's like if thou haft not fuch full comforts now, yet upon thy fickbed, though goddoth not then alwaies manifeft hirnfelf fully , for fomtimes ,the Difeafe may be a hindrance, yet it is ordinary that chore that In their conftant way did fandifieGods Name in holy Duties, they do lie com- fortably upon their fickbeds, and a glorious entrance is made for there into,the everlafting Kingdomofour Lordand Savior Jefus And then again, All thiogl are fantified unto them : as on the other fide, thou: tltp.: do not fanaifie Gods Name, al things arecurfed CO them, if thou doeft not make Confcience of fan- alfyingGods Name in Duties, God cares not , to fanaifie any thing for thy, good : nut, now, thofe that make conscience of fan-