Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

?ame ofGodIn bearing hiSWORD. '77 and meets with his Soul in particular, that he finds hirnfelf.to be aim'd at by the word then he wcrfhips God, and -faith that God certainly is in them. Here's the reafon no,v,chat, when you come to hear the word, youdo not worfhip God, becaufe you apply it not toyour Rives ;. you are ready to lay, This was wet fpoken to fuch a one, and it concerns fuch a ore : but how doth it concern thy Soul in particular ? Sorritimes the Lord doth even force men and woruen tor apply it whether theywil or no, for that they think the Nlinitter fpeaks to them in particular, and that no body was fpoken to in the C.'-ongtegation but ti emfelves : This is a mercy when the Lord doth it unto you ; buz it is a greater mercy when the Lord givesy ou a hear: to apply it to your lelves ;. and although it may trouble you a little fcr. the prefenr, yet be willing to apply it, and account it a great mercy from the Lord, That the Lord wil be pleated to fpcak in parti- cular to your fouls. Fourthly, We muff mix Faith with the word, or otherwi is wil do us but little good ; apply it, and then beleeve it. 11 lleb . 4. 2. it is laid, That the Word preached didnot proat them, not being mixed with 'Faith in them that heard it.) W nereforo' there mutt be a mixture ofFaith, to beleeve the Word that the Lord brings unto you. Now concerning that,Ple but propound thefe fewParticulars : kali. You wil fay, ISfuft we beleeve every thing that ist kfn ? forntirnes there are Tonle things yoken that we cannot bow to beleeve ? .Anf I do not mean fo, to beleeveevery thing meerly being fpoken ; for you muff takeheed What youhear, as welas 'How you hear. But do thus much at kart : - r. In the firft place, Whatfoever comes in the Name of God' to you (except-you know certainly it is not according to the written word ) youowe fo much refpen to it, as to examin it,.. at lealt to try it, whether it bet)or no, as it is fadof thole wel.. bred men that I fpake of, that they did examine whether things ere fo or lesj-Do not cat off any thing prefently chat comes ante Name ofGod : Now any thing that bath thebroad Seal upon it, youmuff not difabey. - You wil fay, It May be coun- terfeit .: But do not difobey it till you be fure it be counterfeit; 13. . -Q1)