Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

----- NameofGod in hearing hisWog. D. etot a forgetful bearer,but a doer of the Word ; this man (faith he) Thal be bleffed in his deed. And vette 22. 'Beye doers of the Word, and not bearers only, deceiving your own felvess.----T-be,/ word here that is tranflated, deceivingyour own felves, it's a. word taken from Logicians, and fignifies to make a falfe gifme. A man that hears the Word, and doth not do it, he doth as it were teafon thus : Thofe that do come to Church (as we ufe to fay ) thofe furely are Religious people ; but I come to Sermons, and cherfore I amReligious. Now this is a falfe rea- foning,and thou doft but cozen thy fell. Be not a hearer only,but a doer of the Word, that thou maieft not deceive thine own foul. qom. z. 3. Thinkeff thou this 0 man that judgeff them that ds fuck thingr;and doff thefame,that thoufbaltefcape the judgment of god ? As if he thould fay, You have the Word, and you are able to judg thereby what you hear, but yet ftill you are wicked in your lives : this is defpifing of the riches ofthegoodnefs of God towards you. And in Phil. 2. 16. you have a remarkable text, where the holy Ghoft faith of the Philippians, That he would have them holdforth the Word ofLife. It were a molt excellent thing if it might be faid of this Congregation, that as they come diligently to hear, andare willing to cake pains to get out of their beds fo early in the mornings, fo al the week after they hold forth the Wordof God. You that are Servants, it may be your Ma- tters are naught , and the Families naught from whence you come ; nowwhen you go home, though it may be they will not let you repeat the Sermon , yet you are to hold forth the Ser- mon in your praCtice and converfatione How is the Name of God Glorified when we hold forth his Word ! This is to let, not only your light'line, but the light of the Word thine beforemen, that they may behold it, and glorifie your 'Father which is in 'Heaven. So that nowcputal thefe Eleven Particulars together, and then you have made good that expreflionwe find in .Aa. 13, 48. That the Wordofgod wasglorified. And to the fame purpofe we have another Expreffion in z Theff. 3. I. 'Finally brethren, Trayfor t4 ,that the Word ofthe Lordmay havefreecourfe, and begiori. fied even as it is withyou. This is the commendationlof a peo- ple, that they do glorifie the Wordof God : I befeech youbre- T 19