Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

194 The right manner ofSantlifying the Oren, in the Name of Jefus Chrift this morning, that you that are hearers of the Word, would glorifie the Word, and glorifie the Name of God. in the Word: Oh that not one ofyou would be a difgrace or fhame to the Word of God ; this is the charge that God this morning la ies upon you, as ever you exped to receive any good from the Word, or, to look upon the face of God with comfort, whole Word this is : Do nor be a flame to his Word, and to the Miniffers.of his Word. Put al [bele things together, I fay, and learn to make confcience of facelify ing Gods Namein hearing the Word, that fo there may be none of you that may give any juft occafion others to fay, Is-this to hear Sermons Do you get nothing elle but this by hearingSermons ? if you should open the mouths of men to fay fo of you, the Word of God (asmuch as lies inyou) would be difgraced by you ; you fitould rather think thus ,. It were better for me-that I fhould die, and that I were under theground,androtting there, than that the Word'ofGod,fhould ever be difgraced by me : Let me hold forth theglory of the Word, the Word is that which hathdone good tomy foul-; the Word,is that which I would not for ten thouland worldsbut have heard it , and shall I difgrace this Word ? than Igive anyoccafion that this Word ofthe Lord should be fpoken ill of by reafon ofme? 0 God forbid. Therfore if you regard not your felves, and your own honor, yet regard the honor of the Word : Ifever you have got anygood by the Word, you should go away with this refolution, Well,, I will labor all the dales of my life tohonor this. Word of God that lhave got to much good by.. If this were but the refolurion of every one ofyour hearts :this morning, itwould be a.blefied morningswork. .44+4 t+44444+++4414.444? +444444444- SERMON 4444+4441.144414*.