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game of god in bearing his W o R D. I.9 mob *0 .4 44,4444.$400. 44444 SERMON X. Leviticus, io. 3. be Santlified in them that come nighme. 444440W follow the Reafons why God /Lands fo much "kt 4 upon its That he wil have his Name fantfified in this 11 4144. Ordinanceof hearing his Word. 441 First, It is becaufe there is fomuch of God in Word, and therefore we should fandifie Gods Name. it west pollible there could be fin in Heaven, that fin would be greater than fin committed here : therefore the fin of the Angels when theywere in Gods prefence, in a more fpecial manner was the greater. The Nameof Godbeing in any thing, the greater will be the evil, if we donot fandifieGods Name in it : now there is very much of God inhis Word, more of God there,than in all the Works of Creation andProvidence. In Tfalm 13 8. 2. Thou ball magnified thy Word above all thy %Lame. Therebeing ther- fore fo much of God in his Word, we muff fantifie the Nameof God in it. Secondly , God bath appointed His Word to be the great (Ordinance toconvey the fpecial Mercies that he intends for the of his Peo le. . That we fpake tobefore in thegeneral, in (hewing tow the uties ofGods Worfhip are as a Channel for the conveyance of special good to the Saints : But none more than the Word , that's the Ordinance toconvey the fiat Grace to thofe that belong to Gods Eledion. The Sacraments is for strengthening, and therefore there is rather more in the Word, than in theSacrament ; and yet every one thinks in Confcience that he is bound to come carefully to the Sacrament, and to look toSaila ifie Gods Name there. In is an eafier matter to cons vine men and women, that they are bound to Sandifie the NameofGodwhen they come to receive theholy Communion, than for the hearing of the Word : they thinknot fomuch of that, but certainly the Word is appointed to be an Ordinance of