Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

in receiving the Sacrament of the Lords Supper.. 225 441.4,4,44......444,4444,4444.44-44.4P 441.444'44444.44.4:4444.44..44.4444. The Eleventh SERMON Leviticus, i c). 3; -till be Sanaified in them that come nighme.' .44:44:441-1E hit day we finifhed the Point of Santtifi- 414:414:4P4t. cation of the Name of God in the hearingof 4: lais Word and now we will proceed to the 41.0. SanCtification of the Name of God in. recei- 44: $4:4344 ving the Sacrament :.That's the next Duty of 444:44:4+ Worfhipe Now&ft for the word, Sacrament : I confers we have not that word in all the Scripture ; as neither have we the word Trinity, and divers other words which Miniffers make ufe of to fet forth the Myfteries of Religion by ; but yet it is ufeful to confider the meaning why Minifters in the Church have given this Name, unto thofe tips and feals that the Church receives ; Sacrament, is to hallow a thing, or to dedicate, becaufe in the Sacraments there are outward things that area ade holy, for Inly and fpiritual ends. Secondly, We ourfelves do (as it were ) hallow or dedicate our felveruntoGod in theufe ofthefe Ordinances : That's one reafon fromwhence it baththe name. Orothervirife,as Tome wil have it, Sacramentutn, becaufe it is tobe receivedfacra mente, with a holy mind, and thereFore called theSacrament. The Churches have uied it a long time ; in Ter.. - tullian's time (which was above fourteen hundred years lime) hewas. the. firit that we find ufed this word, and molt that would