Burroughs - BV15 B877 1654

336 The right manner ofSantlifying the Nameofgod would open the word to us, fay, that efpecially it was taken front the praaice of Soldiers, who when they came and lilted them. felves, bound tlaemielves in to a folernn Oath to be faithful to their Captain, and to the Caufe that they did undertake ; and the Oath they were wont to call Sacramentum, a Sacrametr. Now in regard that Chriftians when they come to this Ordinance, they come to Peal a Covenant with God, and though they do not formally and explicitly take anOath, yet they bind them- felves in a holy Covenant , which hach the ftrength even of an Oath in it -( for a folemn Promife CO the High God hath the ftrengthof an Oath in it ) and from thence theywere call'd by thefe names, Sacrament : But chat for the word, that you may underttand it. But the word theScripture ufeth to fet out this Sacrament by; that that now I am fpeakiug of, is, the Communion of the 'Body andBlood of Chrifi ; fo youhave is in r Cor.ioa6. The cup of bidingwhich we bleg, is it not then commuion of the Blood of Cbrift? The bread whichwe brealbis it not the communion ofthe Body of Chrifl? I fay we are now treating about this Point,how we are to fanttifie the Name of God, in that which the Scripture cal" the Communion of the .Body andBlood of Cbrill. And now for the opening of that, Firft, We mutt know that this is a part of the Worfhip of God, and we draw nigh to god in this, or otherwife it w ill not come up to our Point. And then we 11181 thew , That God is to be Sanctified in this Duty of Worthip. And then Thirdly, How. Fiat , We do in this draw nigh to God, we fhorfhip ,God : For when we are coming to receive thefe holy Signs and Seals we come to preterit our felves before God ; and we have to deal with God Himfelf in a Service that He Himfelf requires of us, in a Holy, in a Divine Service ; we come to ',re- lent our felves to God for bleffing , for communication of fome higher good unto us than poffibly thofe Creatures that we have todeal with, are able of themfelves to convey tous , we come for a higher good than to tail a piece of bread, or to drinka draught of wine, we come ( I fay) to prefent our ;felves to God, that we alight