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to god in Worfhips Fir ft, In the pilling the heart with tIe right apprehenfion of that god before wbomwe come to tender our duties. Then do we mike confcience to prepare out hearts, when we labor upon our going to worfhip God, to get our hearts before hand poffeffed with right apprehentions of the Majefly of chat God that we are going to worthip, and of the greatnefs and weight of the duty that we are fetting about, the nature of it, the manner how it is to be performed, the rule by which we are tobe guided, the end chat we are to aim at : Medication is a good preparation to holy duties. And thefe are the general Heads of our Medica- tion for our Preparation to Duty. NI. i. What god he is we have to deal with. Meditate of G'od in his Attributes, and thenmeditate of the weight ofour Ducies,and the natureof them, and the rule of them, and the end of them ; get your hearts poffeffed with meditations of this nature ; and in this, as a fpecial ching,doth confift your preparation co holy duties. 2. The Second thing wherein thepreparation to a dutycone is is this, The taking offof theheart from every rinful way, (theendeavor at Mt) If there be iniquity in thine hand or heart, labor to put it 6i-ii-1-When thouart to come intoGods pretence, do not bring into the prefence of God the love of any fin in thy heart, but labor to put it from thy heart : 2 Chron. 29. S. we find there what is re uired to re aration ; the text faith,Tlev- iiiab Laid unto t em, ear me, ye Levites ranEtifienow your felves 2 and far fife the houfe of the Lord God ofyourfatbers,and carryforth the filthynefs out of the holy place. That is fandify- ing a (fling, to carry forth the filchinefs out of that thing that we would fanaifie : So t he fandifying ofour hearts it is, by carry- ing forth the filthynefs out of our hearts,fo as to be fit for a dut And in 7obilx. 11. z 4. If thou prepare thi4eheart, and retch out thine hand towards him (What then ?) If iniquity be in thine hand,put itfar away, and let not wickednefs dwel in thy tabernacles. Thefe Two muff be together. 3. AThird thing is this,Thepreparation ofthe heart it is,The dif-intangling-of theheart from the world, andfrom al occafi- ons and bufinees in the world. I am to worfhipGod, but how is my heart infnared and intanglecl in this and the o- then